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Alpha Centaurian Connection
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Welcome to Alpha Centaurian Connection
Akashic Record Readings
Building and Property Clearing
Reiki Healings by distance
Spiritual Advising

The mission of Alpha Centaurian Connection is to empower mankind and to help awaken humanity to it's divinity

Namaste, My readings are very different from the traditional psychic reading. I want to teach and help people to find the power that is within themselves. I do not claim to have any of your answers! I will tell you, however, that all the answers you seek are already within yourself. The Akashic Record reading will give you insights that you need to better understand your mission while you are here on earth. Through your reading, I can also ask for healing to occur at the soul and energy level, so that you are better able to come into full expression and empowerment. I work closely with my Spirit Guides, Angels and Holy Spirit. They are the healers, I am their instrument. Blessings, Tumeria


Alpha Centaurian Connection
7 1/2 Spring Street
Newmarket, NH 03857

Please get in touch for further information on rates and services

Alpha Centaurian Connection
7 1/2 Spring Street, Newmarket, NH 03857